1Up Collectibles Customer Testimonials - The Best Comic Book Shop

“The Best Comic Shop in Berks County”

4/19/2011 by A.R. - West Reading, PA
The staff is really awesome, hilarious, and know what they're doing - they also recommend some great titles, too!

A Comic Shop Everyone Can Enjoy

6/5/2010 by M.M. - Exeter, PA
I don't consider myself to be a huge comic book fan - I have a passing, casual interest in the medium which can be highly specialized

Action Figures & Comics what more could I ask for

4/7/2010 by M.C.- Camden, NJ
So I'm slightly biased, because I'm friends with Lee U. and think he runs a good place :) With that, I'd like to say that I loooove this place!

An Amazing Store

10/23/2010 by C.Z. - NYC, NY
This store has everything. Comics, Action Figures, Costumes, Graphic Novels, Trading Card Games, and Statues. If you are looking for anything that falls into those categories, check here first.

Best Comic Shop Ever...

3/22/2011 by J.M. - Temple, PA
Actually, it is unfair to just call this a comic book shop, though the owner keeps a very large selection of comics on hand with great subscription services.

Best Comic Shop I've Been To

3/8/2010 by M.G. - Reading, PA
1up collectibles is a great shop and has something for everyone. Whether you like Comic Books, Action Figures, Toys, Statues, Cards, Games, Costumes, Apparel or any other collectible, 1up collectibles has it.

Best Damn Store Ever

9/18/2011 by J.M. - Enola, P.A.
Whenever I go in there I always ask for suggestions for a gift for my boyfriend and he is constantly helping me out. There is a lot of popular product

Best place for comics and collectibles

6/1/2011 by M.S. - Reading, PA
Best place for comics and collectibles in berks county.The owner is great and easy to get along with.

Best Shop Around

12/17/2010 by D.S. - Allentown, PA
Best comic and collectibles shop in Reading, PA.

Best Store Ever

3/2/2010 by H.J. - Orlando, FL
Everyone who works there is cool too unlike other comic book shops with snobby workers!

Customer Service & Great Atmosphere who can ask for more.

5/18/2010 by G.L. - Harrisburg, PA
It takes one trip 1up Collectibles, That's it. There's no where else you need to go. They have everything.

Excellent Comic/Card/Figure Store

8/28/2010 by R.B. - Kenhorst, PA
I have been to several different comic shops in my time ranging from different states and just different parts of town.

Fantastic! Helpful!

6/1/2011 by V.L. - Reading, PA
For all ages! Fun! I started going to this shop when on Tuesday nights “board game night” (which was free of charge) and I can not stop shopping there.

Flawless Pre-Order Transaction

6/12/2011 by E.T. - Kingston, NY
I cannot stress enough how pleasurable it was to deal with 1up Collectibles. As a Collector, I have made tons of purchases both online and off, and I have to admit that it is rare to have a pre-order

Get your Geek On

8/21/2011 by B.S. - Reading, PA
Started going to 1up about 5 months ago, upon restarting comics. Its a great atmosphere in store, as well as a great selection of products.

Great Addition to Berks County

3/2/2010 by T.K. - West Reading, PA
It sure is nice to have a neighborhood comic book shop again. 1Up is very diverse for a new store and has a lot of growth potential.

Great Customer Service

6/12/2011 by J.B. - Blandon, PA
I'm just starting to get into the world of comics and was admittedly a little worried that I would feel like a total philistine walking into a place like this with nary a clue, but I was really pleasantly surprised.

Great International Shipping

7/16/2011 by M.B. - Brisbane, Queensland Australia
I recently purchased a statue via 1up Collectibles and I have to say that it was altogether a very hassle-free experience. Their correspondence was excellent, their service and packing was excellent and an unforeseen postage issue that arose was hand

Great Service & Selection

8/18/2011 by T.S. - Amarillo, TX
I have been ordering all my statues from 1up Collectibles for some time now, I've looked around and you just cannot beat the prices plus service.

Great source for comics, collectibles

5/6/2011 by H.R. - Reading, PA
Great source for comics, collectibles, and cute things like the stuffed animals shaped like bacteria, viruses, cells, etc.

I love the Friday Night Magic gatherings

1/27/2011 by B.D. - Robesonia, PA
I love the Friday Night Magic gatherings and it's a fun and fantastic place to come if you are looking for comic books.

I would recommend this store to everyone.

8/22/2011 by K.E. - West Reading, PA
I would recommend this store to everyone. It is unmatched in customer service merchandise selection, and overall customer experience.

If you like comics,action figures,board games

5/17/2011 by C.C. - Mount Penn, PA
If you like comics,action figures,board games and you are a Magic player look no further than 1 up Collectibles.

Lee, The Superhero...

5/14/2010 by R.H. - West Reading, PA
Well, to be honest, I'm not sure I've ever read a comic book... but sharing my name with that of a superhero, I do like to collect a certain character.

My Favorite Comic Book Store

12/14/2009 by J.K. - Blandon, P.A.
I love this store as my favorite ever.

Pure Shot of Awesome

3/12/2010 by B.S. - Harrisburg, PA
If I had more money on me I would have spent a lot more. The selection of toys and comics was great, and they do subscriptions and special orders.

Superhero Central...

4/7/2011 by X.M. - Reading, PA
Remember reading comics and wanting to be that certain superhero? Or running around the house with your towel cape? 1up Collectibles is THE place to go to relive all these memories

This shop really is customer oriented.

1/25/2011 by J.K. - Pottstown, PA
The owner of the store knows his customers personally. Diverse stock from comics, action figures, statues, and games.