Deadpool Symbol Pullover Black Hoodie

Deadpool Symbol Pullover Black Hoodie

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Here's a soft, warm, hooded sweatshirt adorned with that oh-so-adorable Deadpool symbol!  It's a simplified representation of his mask, you see.  Yep.  Deadpool likes it.  Heck, he can even draw it himself.  Yep.  With the sharpened end of a spinal column dipped into an oil spill.  Yep, that's how he does it. Yep.

Hey, you like Deadpool? to keep warm?  Yeah?  You a fan of ultra-violence, or perhaps, a fan of someone who is a fan of ultra-violence?  Yeah? You..cold?  Well, then.  This Deadpool hoodie is practically begging you to...ADD TO CART!!!!!!!

  • 80% Cotton and 20% Polyester.
  • New Licensed Product.

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